April 02, 2012

About the Author:Christian Maike is a film-shooting photographer with a day job who resides in San Francisco. Using mainly his Contax, he shoots weddings, portraits, automobile lifestyle, and the cool things one might not notice. Click on over to his website, keep in touch via Facebook, or follow him on twitter at @christianmaike.

Create: You may remember I took a trip to Maui last November in my efforts to grow as a photographer. The FIND workshop is dedicated to growing through creating. In order to grow, you must create. You must shoot. You must find your personal “vision.”


Grow: FIND is all about growing. It’s not simply learning about film and it’s nuances but also learning about yourself and what your photography stands for, how it will relate to your potential clients, and how to keep going from there. To this day, I am incredibly proud of myself for throwing down the cash and sticking to it. I learned a lot from Jon but I’ve learned more from myself over these past few months.


The images below were those captured on “my own.” While some were taken during parts of the FIND workshop, many others were not. I wanted to catalog this trip and continue to push myself in the photography realm. And in case it wasn’t totally apparent, all these were shot on film.