May 07, 2012

About the Author: Nick McKay is all about people and technology, making the most of what the two can do together. His collection of work can be found at

Create: The last time I remember loading a roll of film I was a high school student living in Santa Cruz, CA. Freezing frames has always been a natural interest of mine, but technology and it’s pace of evolution intrigued me, so as soon as I could get my hands on that 2MP Sony digital camera – that’s where my photography has been: digital.

Fast forward to my late twenties; I’m still shooting digital, but either on my Canon DSLR, or (most of the time) on my iPhone 4S (which is a much nicer camera than my original Sony). Visiting my folks one weekend I opened a drawer to find a Yashica T5 sealed in a zip-lock bag that my Dad had purchased on the recommendation of my NYU Photography Professor Uncle. I doubt it shot more than 2 full rolls of film.

Inspired to see how it would challenge my photography I snagged it, and for the first time in over 10 years bought 2 rolls of 35mm film.


Grow: The T5 is fairly “automatic” when it comes to actually releasing the shutter. The only thing I had to make sure of was that the flash was off; it liked to turn itself to auto after turning the camera off/on.

Where this camera made me rethink my photography was in the inability to take “test” shots. I found my finger on, then off the shutter much more than with my DSLR. This notion made getting the scans back that much more exciting – each frame was now more valuable not only because I actually paid for the film, but I invested more in each composition.