December 12, 2011

About the Author: Chris Rebuck has a degree in media, specifically photography, adding a academic element to our group. Check out his photo blog.

I recently got sent up to Portland for work.  I intentionally checked my hiking backpack with plans to explore Mt. Hood after the work-week, was excited to take advantage of Portland’s surrounding wilderness.  Did some research, I found a great hike on called East Zigzag from Lost Creek.  Camping Saturday night solo at Burnt Lake, of the 7 camp sites, I saw only 4 tents scattered around the lake which is about a mile in diamater.  Day 2 I hiked to Zig Zag Mountain for an epic view of Hood.

Create. The 5DMk2 with the 24-105L is about the same weight as my 3.5 pound North Face tent but I was glad I had it.  In August the weather is still nice so the pack was lightweight.  Took about 400 snaps in 2 days.  Shooting landscapes I selected ISO 200 and closed down to f16, f20, f22 when I could for the greatest focus plane. Didn’t have a tripod so had to be careful.  Used the 2-second timer as a shutter release propping the camera on a hiking stick or rocks etc..  The scenery was breathtaking.

Learn. Mt. Hood is about 1.5 hours from Portland, the highest peak in Oregon (11,249 ft.) and one of 20 high cascade volcanoes in the mountain range.  The Cascade Range starts in California, through Oregon, Washington, and into BC Canada.  The weather in late August is nice for hiking, but unsafe for summiting the mountain because of the risk of hidden and deep exposed crevasses in the glacier fields.  The peak is snow covered year round from ~6,000 ft up.  Hiking below the treeline is spectacular for the views and nature, you could spend days trekking, as with most cascades there’s tons of trails branching off the lower circumference trail.  When the fog cleared I was able to capture the shot below with Hood in the foreground, and Mount St. Helens which is probably 70 miles to the north in Washington.  The last photo is Mt. Shasta in N.California from the plane I was on about 2 hours after taking the waterfall photo.  Soon I’ll have to post the 35mm pics from the Mt. Shasta summit expedition I did last year.

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