About the Author:Christian Maike is a film-shooting photographer with a day job who resides in San Francisco. Using mainly his Contax, he shoots weddings, portraits, automobile lifestyle, and the cool things one might not notice. Click on over to his website, keep in touch via Facebook, or follow him on twitter at @christianmaike.

Create: I’ve been wanting to take a couple of recognizable cars out for a drive and photo shoot for a little while  now. The catch: I was going to use film. Most everything nowadays is digital, lit, and kinda trashy (to be perfectly honest). My aim was to lighten it up a bit, soften it up and film does an excellent job at it.


We headed out from San Francisco to Highway 84 in Woodside around 10am. An otherwise great time to meet up with some folks on a Sunday morning but a not-so-great time for light with respect to photography. Armed with some Fuji films and my Contax, we rallied through the hills of Woodside stopping occasionally along the way to shoot.


Grow: This was a first for me. I had no idea what to expect and boy was this a learning session. I usually shoot people but cars are a totally different animal because they have horizontal surfaces like the hood, or roof, or even fenders. This creates an issue with balancing the exposer in order to retain detail in these horizontal planes. With people, this isn’t usually a problem as we humans stand vertically. Finding shade was tough but when we did, the results were much better. To keep things consistent, I used tried and true metering methods for people. Next time, I’m pretty certain I know what I have to change aside from shooting at a better time of day.