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Birthdays are all about a little indulgence, especially when it comes to food and drink. Seeing as my birthday is around the corner, what better way to celebrate then an all day eat-a-thon.  Our endeavor consisted of a list of twenty-five restaurants, cafes, and bars which represent our favorites or recommendations from our foodie friends here in San Francisco. And yes, we essentially ate our way through San Francisco. The Bay Area has been my home for nearly a decade and I always proudly say, “I’m from San Francisco,” when I’m traveling abroad.  After touring five continents with my partner Bruce Aguirre through our Organic Hobo blog, we needed to show off what our favorite city has to offer.


Create.  We used the same bodies that we used for our Organic Hobo tour, a 5d MK2 & 60D.  I like to bring a wide variety of lenses to most shoots.  In this case we used Canon’s 24-70mm (Great for all purpose), 16-35mm (Great for the tiny restaurants), 50mm 1.4 (Great for low light), & Zeis 50mm 1.4 (Great for low light, and cooler then cannon’s 50).


Grow.  Photography is a constant learning curve.  If you don’t learn something during a shoot you probably didn’t go about it right.  Coordination is key and we learned quickly that we didn’t have enough battery power and memory card space for the entire day.  This seems like a rookie move, but I had 4 16GB SD cards on me, and Bruce had 2.  Together we had 6 batteries.  It still wasn’t enough for an 18 hour shoot.  Low light was another issue.  I hate being intrusive with a light, but in two or three restaurants we really needed them.  If I was to do this all over again, I would case each place out to prep for light, battery life, and of course back up memory.




The List: Restaurants On the Menu


Matching Half - Expresso (Photo 1)

Plow - Chinese Breakfast (Photo 2, 3)

Brendas - Shrimp and Grits (Photo 2)

Brouletts - Quinua Granola (Photo 4)

Blue Bottle Ferry - Gibraltar (Photo 5)

Out the Door - Spring Rolls (Photo 6)


American Grilled Cheese - GF Jalapeno Popper (Photo 7, 8 )

Local Mission Eatery - Little Gem Salad  (Photo 9)

Rosamund - Merguez  Sausage

Namu - Short Rib Korean Tacos

Four Barrel - V60 Drip (Photo 10)

Smitten Ice Cream - Strawberry & Vanilla (Photo 11)

Afternoon Tea & Happy Hour

Samovar - Wei Chi Cha (Photo 12, 13)

Little Chihuahua - Carnitas Tacos

Magnolia Gastro Brew Pub - Devils on Horseback & Pickle dish & Kalifornia Kolsch (Photo 14, 15, 16)

Alembic - Duck hearts & Promissory Note (Photo 17)

Jaspers Corner Tap - Baby Back Ribs & Pale Rider (Photo 18, 19)

Cantina - Pisco Sour (Photo 20)


Bar Crudo - Fresh Oysters, Soft Shell Crab Tacos (photo 21)

Zero Zero - Ham Plate, Arugula Salad, Cocktails (photo 21, 22)

Oola - Fried Brussels Sprout

Bar Agricole - Fried Anchovies, Fruit Cup, & Taquila Fix (Photo 20, 23)

Bareta - Cioppino, Diablo, Anejo Sour (Photo 24)

Maven - Maven Jamison Reserve

NOPA - NOPA Burger, Burnt Honey Pot de creme (Photo 25)


This video well be featured on Organic Hobo Soon…