May 01, 2012

About the Author: Patrick Stern is a social media strategist and photo hobbyist residing in San Francisco. His personal blog can be found at and can be contacted at @patrickstern.

We surround ourselves with people everyday, and we liken them to friends and colleagues. You meet for drinks, dinner or some mutual activity that you enjoy together. You get snap shots of their lives as they update you with their experiences with their job, dates, or family. Your perceptions of them change slightly with time to shape this person that exudes a certain personality.


Bay, a local San Franciscan here, is such a friend. We find time every couple of months to hang out, but I always wonder what this guy is up to on his own. We all have our ways to decompress and spend time to think about what is going on in our lives. Bay and I share an interest in riding our bikes through Golden Gate park as a way to decompress after a day at work. So, you have to wonder what they are like when they are on there own on that ride; this is my rendition of what he is like.




This shoot was done on a dreary day with a lot of fog coming over the park, so the light was hard to work with. I shot every shot by over exposing a full stop to compensate, making a lot of the backgrounds blown out. As always, I shot with my Canon T2i with a friend Harry’s 24-70mm L series lens.




One of the greatest things about shooting your friends is that you know their personality. You know when they laugh and what kind of personality characteristics that usually embody. You have to look for those moments and speak to them to coerce those moments out. I actually spent most of my time talking to him as if we were hanging out without a camera in my hand. After a few minutes he came around and forgot that I was even shooting him. Of course, he posed for a few shots (which you can see in a few of these), but there were some great shots that showed him being himself… just going for a ride.